IT Project +

The CompTIA IT Project + professionals will have to recognize the project management plan components. They will define the Stakeholder needs and develop a scope statement. It is the responsibility of the CompTIA IT Project + professional to develop a WBS and make an activity list. The professionals will take care of the relationships and identify resources and estimate time. They should handle the project costs develop project staffing and quality management plans. The professional has to create effective communication plans.

It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who develops a risk management plan, conducts risk analysis and comes up with a risk response plan. They have to handle the plan project procurements. The professionals will improve the Project schedule and develop a schedule baseline. They will resolve any issues related to funding and costs. It is the CompTIA IT Project + professional who takes care of the project costs, and cost baseline. They have to make a human resource plan and quality management plan.
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